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Shawn Myers is an executive outsourcing firm specializing in Fractional CMO services. We provide customized EaaS, or Executive-as-a-Service support in the areas of brand strategy and marketing operations.

We’re here to hold your ad-agency, contractors, and vendors accountable. To maximize your ability to move the needle on what matters most to you, growing your business. In short, we’re here to drive growth, eliminate wasted spend, and make sure your marketing consistently impacts your bottom line, month after month.

Why Fractional CMO's?

Insightful Analysis. Actionable Strategy. Expert Education.

The landscapes of marketing, sales, and technology are always evolving, as are the requirements and responsibilities of those managing these all-important areas of your business. There have been more changes in consumer behavior in the past 3-5 years than the entire 30 years prior, making it more challenging for business owners and executives to drive consistent and meaningful growth.

A Fractional CMO is your dedicated marketing executive who will advise,
manage and personally execute on the unique marketing needs of your business.

Fractional CMO Benefits

For Business Owners / Operators

Maximize Your Marketing Budget – Using past experience and your hard data, a Fractional CMO can effectively prioritize your goals and identify the most powerful utilization for even the smallest budgets.

Going Digital – Understanding what social media channels are best, and how to effectively use them can honestly change overnight. We’re always analyzing and testing, recognizing what’s happening in real time and how it applies to your business.

Learn By Doing – Fractional CMOs work with you, so that you begin to understand this information just as we do. We believe in educating you on why, how, and what, specifically as it pertains to your business.

For Business Owners / Operators

Provide Data-Driven Guidance – Numbers do not lie, and as an executive, we believe you understand this better than most. Marketing dollars need to show positive ROI, and that’s why our guidance is always backed by your data and analytics.

Hands-On Management – Execution, execution, execution. We might be objective to a fault at times, but it’s because we manage teams and vendors just as if they were our own. Your results are our results, so trust us when we say we’ve got your six.

New and Innovative Strategies – You’re busy running a company, so staying “in the know” of consumer behavior and marketing strategies can be difficult. We’re your “always-on” solution permanently living in the space. Let us filter out the BS and present you what’s actually working.

For Startups

Bridging The Gap – Growing a company isn’t easy, especially in a world of “the next big thing” where talent turnover is high and roles can vary greatly. Whether you need marketing oversight, sales oversight, or both, we can bridge the gap between the CEO/Founder and deliver on the overall vision as your dedicated CMO.

Cost Effective Scalability – You can’t justify an experienced full-time Marketing Executive, but you still need to grow. Whether you have a team of 1 or a team of 10, we’ll bring our experience to lead your team at scale. Giving you results and peace of mind, for a fraction of the cost.

Grow What Matters – Sometimes your main goal is brand awareness, other times it’s sales, and early on it may just be user adoption. The point is we’ll focus on the numbers that matter most to you. Tell us what you’re trying to accomplish, and we’ll show you how. Yes, it really is that simple.

For Solopreneurs

Simplified Strategy – Stop reading blogs and watching endless v-logs about what to do, because there are actually multiple ways to achieve the same outcome. Communicate what your goals are and we’ll layout a straightforward, step-by-step roadmap for you to follow.

Practical Solutions – Time is money and you’re probably busy doing just about everything. We get it, and we respect it fully because we’ve been there. We’ll filter out what matters most for you specifically. Everything from effectively maximizing your budget, to ensuring efficient utilization of your time. We got you covered!

Turnkey Growth – Here’s the deal, you needed growth yesterday. Fortunately we understand that feeling and we know what works. Our clients and network are always testing and optimizing, which means we’ll do the heavy lifting so that you can plug-n-play what’s most impactful for your specific business.

Growing Your Business is My Business.

Efficiently. Practically. Strategically.

Industry Experience

Although you will not find a bunch of logos stamped across our site, we’ve been contracted for various marketing, sales, and technology integration services across multiple industries. Our clients are industry and market leaders locally, nationally, and globally.

Specific Industry Experience Includes:

  • Online Education
  • Construction
  • Contractors
  • Health & Wellness
  • Event & Seminars
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food Service & Hospitality
  • Managed Security Services

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